The Internet: How Search Works

Join John, Google’s Chief of Search and AI, and Akshaya, from Microsoft Bing, to learn how search actually works. They cowl the whole lot from how particular applications referred to as “spiders” scan the Internet earlier than you even sort in your search phrases to what determines which search outcomes present up first. Find out how search algorithms bust spammers, handle location providers and even use machine studying to make search higher yearly.

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  1. Awesome Information.
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  2. The video was effective and it works somehow by spider… And another thing i found that the girl was beautiful… When i see her its like love at first side <3 <3

  3. Just a little correction, at @1:37 "The Internet is NOT a web of pages connected with each other". The correct explanation should be "The World Wide Web is a web of pages connected with each other" because the Internet is a web of computers connected with each other. Using the terms Internet & Web interchangeably has created so much confusion that the people think they both are the same.

  4. interesting but I thought Google took advantage of a node system much like Dijkstra's algorithm of nodes used for gps directional systems in cars, that way each node has data associated with it or a dataset associated with it which can make the process of a search smaller and faster and then by ranking nodes you get a list of data back that is ordered for each search…having a data set about a dataset about a dataset seems quite like a very sad sql database with a lot of foreign keys and normalisation, when nosql datasets like Mongo just get straight to the data and increases speed…

    In terms of machine learning how do you make a machine always associate the word pitcher to a sports player and not a jub? Without using word combinations? So for example an array of words and if word[0] and word[1] are in a sentence then it is dataset A that is selected maybe? I always think the fast and stupid ways work best; which means a neural network isn't necessary unless maybe each word is a is an input to a neuron maybe…although it is easier to make each website a node (OOP) and if similar cluster them together and monitor each cluster and have a dataset that searches are referred to and that is updated buy the search engine…that way the data is prepared and exist before a search is made…,

    oh wait google does do this and charges us the get better rankings on their databases lol gosh im such a pathetic fool!

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