How to Send Mass Email – Send Mass Email with Gmail by way of Gmass

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Have you regarded in all places for info on the right way to ship Mass Emails in 2019? Well, look no additional…

I’ll stroll you thru how I do it with Gmass on Gmail so you are able to do it for your self.

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  1. Wow sooo nice to see the underground world of bulk mailing starting to become mainstream. Yes, it's tricky, yes, it's greatly misunderstood (spam vs bulk), and yes, it's still probably the most lucrative form of IM if done properly. Well done Bryan! My only input here would be that your data needs to be as good as your mailing setup. Too many people try this with junk leads and never become successful. YOU NEED GOOD DATA 😉

  2. I have been using listbaby (through CDBaby) and my list has grown to nearly 400k. It has been free up till Sept 30 where they are deleting the service completely. I am totaly at a huge loss right now so I need to know how to still send to my list free or as cheap as possible. WHAT DO I DO

  3. Hello Bryan……..your video is very good & very helpful. I watched it 4 times. Unfortunately no matter what i do gmail/gmass block my emails or say i have exceeded my account????? I tried to send 20 emails from an old account, soon as i started the emails got blocked & i was told i had exceeded my sending limit. What a load of bollocks…..Same with all my other accounts, no sooner have i started and the blocked messages along with account limit exceeded arrives. its so frustrating…….i am using the paid gmass with gsuite. Any ideas???? thanks for your great content.

  4. Hi Bryan, I just made my first commission today with email marketing and peerfly haha, NFL email submit offer paying $1.60

    Emails Sent: 1120, opened so far (444) clicked (2)

    PSS: I didnt really optimize the email sent so i guess that's why I had low CTRs.

    Thank you for your course.

  5. just going through the CPA course. You are a great guy but PLEASE stop talking SO much. 😀 I watched 30 minutes and you talked 25 minutes without moving your courser. 😀 Its very hard to stay focused and keep listen to it. ^^

  6. Hello, Thank you for this great Video.

    Please does this still work with CPA Marketing?

    I got 200k Targeted emails from someone.
    Please give me some tips for a better conversion.

    Thank you!

  7. You need to slow down and tell people where you get it. You are making too many assumptions and talk to fast. You obviously know what you are doing but others don't have quite that much knowledge to start with.

  8. Hi Bryan great video…..little bit confused, why do i need G SUITE on top of having GMASS ? Gmass sends the emails….why is G suite also needed. or is it needed? thanks

    I've watched this vid a number of times and will be taking the course in a few weeks (so remember this post)…
    But this time around, it just HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS…
    Your way is very similar to paying for AD IMPRESSIONS (CPM) but it's way way cheaper cost by using these tools and paying for them monthly…..
    Holy shhhhhhh
    Plus you can retarget and so much more….
    I'm on it, after the course!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Look I am frustrated I have accumulated over 23 million email addresses.
    Now I need to send out my one post only hoping for 10000 sales someone help please .
    Gmail would not even send my first list which consist of 15001 emails who can help?

  11. Hi Byran great video. Hope you can help me as i am so frustrated with trying to send emails.

    Basically as you know most ISPs block ports 25 & 587 so how can gmass send my email campaigns? My ISP blocks these ports.

    Please advise as i dont want to spend money if gmail/gmass need ports 25 & 587 open to send mail.

    Thanks for your time Bryan
    Jason Higgins

  12. Hi Bryan, I'm confusing a little bit about some issues:
    As I know GMASS free account allow you to send 50 emails per day.
    If I choose the minimal package which is $8.95 is this package has GMASS alone or include G-Suite I really don't know?!

    How many emails can I send with GMASS per day with this package "minimal $8.95"?

    I have a website on Hostgator hosting so can I connect my SMTP with GMASS?

    If yes How many emails can I send per day in this case?

    Thank you bro and Merry Christmas

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