How to ship a mail merge utilizing phrase and outlook with attachment

This tutorial reveals the right way to ship customized emails, with an attachment to a number of individuals utilizing the very highly effective MS Mail Merge with Word, Outlook and Excel.

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  1. Hi Mo. this is very helpful thank you. i get this error message when i am towards the end (clicking ok in the toolkit to send, and after saving the message)

    "invalid pointer
    Line: 375
    Create outlook session"

    i don't know what it means. help?

  2. Mo, thank you so much for posting this video. I finally learned how to email merge with attachments. I appreciate that you didn't loose your cool when your clicker wasn't working. Helped me stay patient as I tried and failed several times until I got it right. Great tutorial!

  3. Hello Mo, thank you for this great tutorial!
    but i have one question left.
    Is it possible to have different Attachements in each mail or is ot only possible with a Macro?

    for example:
    Person1 -> Attachement: A1, B1
    Person2 -> A2 B2
    Person 3-> A3 B3

    i have all this informations in a Excel & word File …

  4. This only works if you have Mail Merge Toolkit which is a paid feature. This does not apply to regular Mail merger feature in word. Probably should have this as a disclaimer in your video, otherwise its not very helpful.

  5. Great video! Do you know if that add-in allows the attachment of individual files? I want to mail out certificates of attendance – I used a mail merge to create the individual certificates then created a pdf, then split the pdf into separate files. so I want to attach the each personalized certificate to each email.

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