How to pause, resume, or take away an AdWords marketing campaign

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This brief video will present you how one can pause, resume, or take away an AdWords marketing campaign in your AdWords account.

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  1. I want an Refund Please, I asked to pay max 15$ and now I am being charged with 300$, I am willing to delete my YouTube video. I also cancelled the entire ad. It was an bad experience on my side…

  2. Can't believe they removed that option, what a garbage platform for a company like this. Please fix the interface. Make things clear and allow me to delete a campaign, also give us a proper way to target and make shopping ads. How hard can it be? Keywords, image, title ,and description, you can make this in 1 page and not a separate platform with no clarity/overview at all

  3. Hello!

    [I`m leaving this message here for future use]

    After I deleted my campaign, then modified adgroup for a new amount of 0 GBP, I deleted the adgroup as well. As followed up in this video this should stop Google to take money off of my bank account. Due to my best knowledge that I gathered from this video uploaded by Google Ads, from this date I shouldn`t be charged again by Google.

    Reason for cancellation: The operator didn`t answered correctly to my question regarding charges. After I noticed that I`m being charged continuously I deleted the ad Campaign and adgroup immediately.

  4. GOOGLE ADS SUCKS. Much like that the commenter below says: THERE IS NO "REMOVE" OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your service is terrible and does nothing for anyone except to make Google money. Another scam.

  5. Hi . I’ve paused my campaign. Does that mean Google instantly stops taking money from my account or do I have to instruct my bank to to stop payment ? Your response will much appreciated . Thanks frank

  6. I posted a YouTube ad a few days ago and my account on Adwords says that it’s enabled and paused on the side and I still have zero views and I don’t know how to fix this

  7. Yeah, this is WORTHLESS. I can't find any way to delete an ad campaign. There is no f**king "campaigns" tab. All I get is pause and enable. I was assigned someone to help me manage the campaign and she was absolutely no help whatsoever. All I get is one disapproved ad after another and no help as to why.

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