15 Ways to Search Google 96% of People Don’t Know About

Here’s a checklist of the best methods for looking Google to enable you discover something in only a couple of clicks. Try these 15 easy strategies to go looking Google for the knowledge!

Either this or that 1:07
Searching utilizing synonyms 1:57
Searching inside web sites 2:40
The energy of the asterisk 3:21
When numerous phrases are lacking 3:55
Using a quantity vary 4:38
Searching for a title or URL 5:22
Finding related web sites 5:44
Whole phrases 6:11
Unimportant search phrases 6:58
Searching for photos utilizing photos 7:17
Defining phrases and studying the place they arrive from 7:51
Finding a selected file 8:35
Using Google as a spell checker 9:06
Tracking your packages 9:33
Bonus trick 10:00

Google search will not be solely a robust search software but in addition the most effective pal for hundreds of thousands of individuals. It is at all times there for you (apart from these occasions when you haven’t any Internet connection – scary), and will help you with something.
It will discover the lyrics to that tune you heard on the radio however solely received “you, me, forever, rain,” share the recipe for essentially the most scrumptious pie and advocate the most effective restaurant round. Students can’t go with out it, and it’s the key supply of data for many adults, too.
– Simply put in a couple of potential variations of what you’re searching for, and separate them by typing the “|” image. Instead of this image, you too can use “or.”
– If it is advisable discover web sites on a given topic moderately than those who embody a particular phrase, add the “~” image to your search.
– Sometimes you learn an attention-grabbing article on a web site and end up subsequently desirous to share it with your pals or merely reread it. The best method to discover the specified piece of data once more is to search throughout the web site. To do this, kind the handle of the positioning, then a key phrase or total phrase from the article, and it ought to come up instantly.
– When your crafty reminiscence decides to not allow us to do not forget that one key phrase, phrase, or quantity we must discover what we’re searching for, you may flip to the highly effective “*” image. Just use it in the place of the phrase/phrase you may’t keep in mind, and you ought to be in a position to discover the outcomes you’re searching for.
– If it’s the lengthier half of the phrase you may’t keep in mind moderately than a single key phrase, strive writing out the primary and final phrases and placing “AROUND + (the approximate variety of lacking phrases)“ between them.
– If we wish to discover out about scientific discoveries in the course of the 20th century, we can write: scientific discoveries 1900…2000. Yes, it’s simple like that. It additionally works with different numbers.

You did some laborious work studying to make use of Google like a professional, so now it’s time to play. If you search Atari Breakout on Google Images, the well-known brick breaker will begin proper there. Enjoy it!

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  1. just saw the video and was quite knowledgeable.

    About the tracking number searches it does not open USPS tracking numbers directly when you put in, if yes can you let me know the exact way, I have tried already

    Another question:
    Is there anyway to search through a search box of any particular website directly through google?

    Hope I will get some answers Bright Side

    Wish you progress

  2. The music you use in ALL of your videos is HIGHLY ANNOYING and FAR TOO LOUD. This is distracting us from the VALUABLE content you work so hard to present so well. PLEASE ABSTAIN FROM ADDING MUSIC to your videos. PLEASE!! Thank you.

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